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Premier Sock Tape Pro ES Pink

Premier Sock Tape Pro ES Pink

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Over the last 10 years, Premier Sock Tape has risen to the top of the English and European football market as the Number One sock tape.  Professional footballers in England, Holland, Belgium, Germany, Italy and many other countries across the globe understand the advantage of a tape that works with the player rather than against them.  Many substitutes for Premier Sock Tape actually constrict the muscles cutting off optimal blood flow as the muscles warm and expand.  This “tourniquet” effect can interfere with optimal performance for the athlete.

Premier Sock Tape has the unique property of actually expanding and stays flexible as the muscle warms.  Players have reported that Premier Sock Tape feels light and “as if they are wearing no tape at all”.  Some players even call Premier Sock Tape their “lucky tape”, but we know it is simply that athletes play better when there is no interference with the muscles, blood flow and nerves in their legs and feet.

The unique printed material that Premier Sock Tape use and the secret finishing process is exclusive to PST, no other company can use this fabric or process and that is why PST is the very best sock tape around today.

Premier Sock Tape ….. Often copied, never equalled!   Together we’ve got it taped.

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