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Joma Top Flex Turf Soccer Shoes Mens White Royal Blue Leather 2342

Joma Top Flex Turf Soccer Shoes Mens White Royal Blue Leather 2342

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Turf football boots (synthetic surfaces and carpet). Joma's star shoe has been tested by professional soccer players who confirm its high performance in terms of durability, flexibility, and cushioning. If you are looking for multi-stud boots for women and men with a classic look, the legendary Top Flex is the ideal one.

The upper is made of very flexible leather that provides resistance, freedom of movement and breathability. Lined inside with textile with high tensile strength and softness. In those strategic areas where extra ventilation is needed, the VTS system has been incorporated, which allows air to enter and exit.

On the ankle and tongue, foam has been introduced for greater comfort, lightness and fit. The tongue adapts to the shape of your foot for perfect support, a characteristic that is optimized with the PERFECT FIT lacing.

The midsole is made of resistant, long-lasting phylon, which provides the footballer with maximum stability, at the same time that cushions the impacts produced by the collision with the court and propels. This shock absorption is optimized with the PULSOR technology, made up of pieces of gel, which at the same time reactivates each movement.

The sole is made of high quality DURABILITY rubber with good resistance to abrasion and grip on the surface. With a multi-stud structure that reduces the pressure of the tread and ensures good support. To optimize the flexibility of the boots, it presents the FLEXO line system, whose function is to make the transition of the footstep more comfortable.



  • Leather upper with VTS technology
  • Phylon midsole with PULSOR technology
  • Rubber sole with DURABILITY, FLEXO and ROTATION technologies
  • Toe reinforcement
  • Tongue
  • PERFECT FIT eyelets

Technical information

  • Terrain: field of earth and carpet (Turf)
  • Abrasion sole: DIN-70
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