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Joma Liga 5 2301 Black Turf Soccer Shoes

Joma Liga 5 2301 Black Turf Soccer Shoes

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Soccer shoes for adults, for synthetic ground and carpet. The futsal shoe model that incorporates the PULSOR cushioning system, whose gel pieces absorb impacts and promote momentum.


The cut is made of different materials. On the one hand, it has a textile part with a jacquard finish. Elaborate perforations with the VTS ventilation system allow air to flow in and out. This area is protected by a synthetic protective shield inserted without seams thanks to the JOMA SPORTECH technology, which supports while maintaining lightness. On the front, it features stitched resistant synthetic material, reinforced with the VTS system for complete sweat optimization.

To provide unparalleled support and fit, there is the PERFECT FIT type of lacing.

The midsole is made of high quality and durable phylon with PROTECTION protective parts in the areas most prone to friction. In addition, PULSOR technology cushions impacts while reactivating the footprint.

The sole is made of high quality DURABILITY rubber with good resistance to abrasion and grip on the surface. With a multi-stud structure that reduces the pressure of the tread and ensures good support. To optimize the flexibility of the boots, it presents the FLEXO line system, whose function is to make the transition of the footstep more comfortable. Equipped with PULSOR gel pieces, which absorb impacts.

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