Select Numero 10 Soccer Ball Yellow/Orange

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The Select Numero 10 soccer ball has been used around the world for decades for both training and match play. The Numero 10's heavy-duty construction is comprised of a neoprene foam backing that manages and absorbs impact for excellent durability. The Numero 10's hand-sewn construction secures 32 panels together for long-lasting shape retention. The 10's cover features golf dimple PU material that offers elite touch to maximize control and shot precision. A zero wing latex bladder reinforces touch for superior control. The Numero 10 features a white-on-black digital 88 player's number panel where a player can use a black permanent marker to erase the white elements of the digital 88 to form his/her own player's number. The Numero 10 is approved by the IMS, NFHS, and NCAA official match play (size 5 only).