Derbystar Bundesliga Brillant Match Ball 20/21

Derbystar Bundesliga Brillant Match Ball 20/21

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The best from Select. The official ball of the Germany's Bundesliga is made with high quality materials, including finely woven cotton and polyester together with thin and flexible microfiber.

The colors of the ball include striking mint and magenta elements contrasted by bright white panels, ensuring high visibility for players and spectators.

32 hand-stitched panels with exclusive, golf ball textured surface for high friction and stable flight. This ball will keep its shape over time.

The Zero-Wing latex bladder gives the ball a balanced flight and lively bounce.

Note: All of our balls are shipped deflated. This helps in keeping our shipping costs low, savings we can pass on to you.

Standard Ball Sizing
Size 5: ages 12 and up Size 4: ages 8-12 Size 3: ages 8 and under.