Reusch Attrakt Gold X Goalkeeper Gloves

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REUSCH GOLD GRIP X palm is our newest, most tacky high-end
match latex, including a special adhesive additive. Based on the
exclusive Reusch Grip Gold formula, adhesive particles are added
to the German-made latex composition. The result is a highly
tacky, glue-like palm foam with unmatched grip properties in all
weather conditions.
EVOLUTION NEGATIVE CUT provides a snug and tight fit for a
super direct ball control.
AIRVENTSYSTEM™ keeps the goalkeepers hands cool and
breathable with mesh material.
3D THUMB CROTCH™ offers rolled crotch construction
eliminating open seams which tear more easily along with an
ergonomic fit and maximum comfort.
ROLLED THUMB™ The palm latex is extended around the inner
side of thumb.
EMBOSSED BACKHAND FOAM adds flexibility and fit to glove
FULL WRIST STRAP with textile window.