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Diadora Brasil Sala Turf Adult Soccer Shoes White

Diadora Brasil Sala Turf Adult Soccer Shoes White

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Brasil Sala is the premier indoor calcio shoe. It's a special variation of the Brasil range specifically crafted for synthetic terrains and surfaces. The asymmetrical design of the upper combines a soft leather interior, providing comfort and sensitivity during gameplay, with a breathable mesh exterior, keeping your foot dry and fresh.

The toe is safeguarded by a special rubber film, ensuring exceptional durability against impacts and wear, while simultaneously enhancing ball control. The rubber outsole is engineered for optimum grip. The sole's pattern incorporates various active grip zones, granting you superior control, stability, and freedom of movement. Additionally, the rear part of the sole features an ‘ergo stop’ configuration, facilitating quick stops and maneuvers with the ball. Brasil Sala can also be utilized on natural turfs and hard terrains.

Dominate the indoor arena with Brasil Sala–the perfect fusion of performance, precision, and style.

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