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Rinat Meta Tactik Alpha Goalkeeper Gloves

Rinat Meta Tactik Alpha Goalkeeper Gloves

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The Alpha version of the new META TACTIK GK is a lightweight, technical, comfortable, and functional glove, that, due to its characteristics and materials, could compete with a higher-end glove.

BACKHAND: All neoprene with high frequency grooves, Active Cell Zone cover was applied in the main contact areas that provide grip when clearing the ball with the fists.

CUT: Ergo-Roll, the latex on the fingers wraps them almost completely from the middle area, the rest is ergonomic for a greater sense of comfort.

PALM: German latex Omega Grip, high-end foam with excellent grip is mostly recommended to use it wet.

CLOSURE: Neoprene on the top and elastic wristband on the inside of the wrist, that makes it very easy and comfortable to put it on. 2-piece wrist strap joined by an elastic application for a better fit.

Recommended Use:
High-performance training
Artificial Turf
Professional Training Glove

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