adidas Real Madrid Football

adidas Real Madrid Football

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Product Details

The original ball for fans of Real Madrid.

Branded Adidas product – technical sponsor of the club.

The Club version of the ball is intended for playing on a grass surface.

The structure is based on a rubber bladder covered with machine-connected panels. Thanks to this structure, the ball will maintain its optimal shape after many intense training sessions and will maintain adequate adhesion to the footwear.

Moreover, the ball combines its dynamic design with the graphic style on the 2020/21 home jersey.

Product features

  • machine-stitched panels
  • classic colors of the club
  • graphics with the club's badge and the manufacturer's logo
  • butyl bladder
  • size: 5 (diameter: 22 cm, perimeter: 70 cm)
  • material: 100% thermoplastic polyurethan
  • licensed product – through purchase you support the club financially