2021-22 Panini Mosaic Premier League Soccer Blaster

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The Mosaic brand makes its debut in the Premier League for the 2021-22 Season featuring eye-catching card designs on stunning Opti-chrome.

  • Collect a 200-card base set featuring players from all 20 Premier League clubs! Also find them in Silver, Mosaic, Mosaic Genesis and Blaster-exclusive Mosaic Orange Fluorescent (#’d/25) parallels!
  • Find top footballers in three Retail-exclusive insert sets – Will to Win, Give and Go and Breakaway – with an exclusive parallel, Mosaic Orange Fluorescent (#’d/25).
  • Collect authentic autographed cards from current and retired footballers in Blaster-exclusive Premier League Scripts Mosaic Orange Fluorescent (Max #’d/50) and Premier League Autographs Mosaic Orange Fluorescent (Max #’d/50).

There are two autographed card sets in 2021-22 Mosaic Premier League: Premier League Autographs Mosaic and Premier League Scripts Mosaic. Autographs are found one per case, on average. Also collect three Retail-exclusive inserts – Will to Win, Give and Go, and Breakaway. Look for a Blaster-exclusive parallel version of each

This product includes 6 packs with 6 cards per pack for a total of 36 cards.