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1 pack 10 cards 2022-23 Panini Score Premier League

1 pack 10 cards 2022-23 Panini Score Premier League

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The popular Score brand returns with the 2022-23 Panini Premier League Score Cards Retail Box and collection, delivering an American-style collecting experience to one of the best leagues in the world.

The base set includes 200 cards and the following retail-exclusive parallels to collect: Swirl, Red Swirl (#’d/65), Bronze Swirl (#’d/55), Pink Swirl (#’d/45), Silver Swirl (#’d/25), Gold Swirl (#’d/10) and Black Swirl (#’d/1). Find 3 serial-numbered parallels and 5 additional parallels per box on average. Open 12 inserts per Retail box. These include: Breakthrough, All Hands Team, Hot Rookies, Score Team, and the new Captain.

Look for 3 different ultra-rare Inserts: Game Face, Intergalactic, and the new for 2022-23 – Next Up! Find one of each per case. Hunt for collectable autographed cards of Premier League stars past and present. These fall 2 per case on average (a case is 10 boxes)



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