Topps 21/22 FC Barcelona Official Team Set

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Introducing the 2021/22 Topps FC Barcelona Official Team Set!

Complete with 50 cards, the set features veteran footballers and top rookies in exciting new subsets like ICONIC MOMENTS, TITLE WINNERS and OUR CITY cards. Each set also includes one sequentially numbered parallel per box.

Also look out for autographs of the club’s top talents in the Barcelona Autograph subset!

This debut trading card collection features FC Barcelona’s biggest and brightest stars on a range of new designs.


The 2021/22 Topps FC Barcelona Official Team Set comes equipped with 50 cards plus 1 sequentially numbered parallel per box. Collect the following brand-new subsets, highlighting the club’s iconic players moments:

  • Player Cards
  • Our City
  • Iconic Moments
  • Title Winners
  • Home & Away Kit
  • Stadium & Manage


Parallels (50 Subjects)

Rainbow Foil Parallel: sequentially #’d to 299.

  • Pink Foil Parallel: sequentially #’d to 99
  • Neon Green Foil Parallel:sequentially #’d to 75
  • Aqua Foil Parallel: sequentially #’d to 40.
  • Orange Foil Parallel:sequentially #’d to 20
  • Purple Foil Parallel: sequentially #’d to 15
  • Red Foil Parallel: sequentially #’d to 5
  • Gold Foil Parallel: sequentially #’d to 1



Look out for rookie, legend and veteran autographs from FC Barcelona first team stars in Player Card Autograph Variations. Estimated 1:10 boxes.

  • Orange Foil Parallel: sequentially #’d to 25
  • Black Foil Parallel: sequentially #’d to 10
  • Red Foil Parallel: sequentially #’d to 5
  • Gold Foil Parallel: sequentially#’d to 1